something unpredictable, but in the end it's right;

I hope you had the time of your life

(Green day)



Grin is a very special dog. He's a true free-spirit, an independent thinker, one happy dog who takes great pleasure from life and loves the world. He walks around with a big grin on his face because there are just oh so many wonderful things to do, see and smell, dogs to meet and people to greet. With his tail set high he wants to explore everything he can. He loves taking trips and will follow me around like a shadow when he sees me packing, or he'll go lie in front of the car so I don't happen to forget him. He is very happy to meet his friends, human and canine, and will tell them so. He'll whine, jump high in the air out of joy and smile from ear to ear because he's so excited.


Grin is also very beatiful to look at. He's got a long, soft coat, striking coloration and unusual eyes, and is very pleasantly built. People stop us in the street to enquire about him and tell him how beatiful he is. And he knows exactly how to treat his "audience", leaning his head or the whole body on people, asking for petting and more petting and rolling on his back to make them scratch his belly. He usually leaves quite an impression.


It took us a very very long time to start speaking the same language, but now that we're finally on the same page we're a real team.

We're busy training rally obedience, agility, herding sheep and occasionally enganging in pet therapy. Like a true versatile aussie Grin's good in all of it, though he strongly prefers herding. But most importantly, at last we both enjoy what we're doing and we enjoy doing it together.


He's one of those "once in a lifetime" dogs who make you sweat blood but find their way deeply into your heart. And in the end things turn out just the way they were supposed to.





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