Agility in 2008


19. & 20.7. Agility European Open, Germany

It was rainy, muddy and cold, but we survived. We ran 4 disqualifications, but Grin wasn't that bad; he didn't attempt any escaping. I have some new faith in him, so maybe we'll start training again. Maybe :)


12.04.2008 Ajdovščina

What a terrible, terrible performance we gave. The worst of our competitions so far. We finished neither of the courses, as Grin ran off to say hi to people standing next to the course.

I think we might take some time off of competing.


02.03.2008 Prestranek

We're not at the end of the tunnel yet. Still, could have been better, but could have been worse, too. In agility the Mr. wanted to leave in the midst of the run again, but I managed to call him back and we even finished the course with a normal time. In jumping we had to repeat the slalom 4 times, which disqed us, but the rest was pretty good.


My opinion about the course :)




19.02.2008 Železniki

Our first clean run in A2!!!

In agility, Grin was running very good but I wasn't and sent him into disqualification a couple of times.

But in jumping we both ran excellently which made us get the first place (in jumping only)!

Is that light at the end of the tunnel? :)


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