photo: Matejka Ivancic

You can read about my and Grin's (mis)adventures in agility here (2006, 2007, 2008). Grin is currently not competing.

Next competition

20.2.2010 - Prestranek


30.1.2010 - Prestranek

In agility we got 5 pts for a refusal, which was my fault, and were 6th. Jumping was again much better, with an excellent clean run we were the fastest and finished on 1st place overall!


24.10.2009 Zagreb (Croatia)

In agility Wapi turned left when I told her "right", I was probably too late with my commands. That resulted in a bit of confusion for both of us, she then dropped a bar and missed the A-frame. Jumping was excellent though, with a clean run we were first. In overall we finished 4th.


27.9.2009 Basovizza - Italy

Wapi's first competition!

Incidentally, three years ago this competition was also the first one for me and Grin.

Wapi did good, in agility she had a bad slalom entrance but the rest was good and in jumping we had one dropped bar and one refusal. We were 17th in the end.

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